Small Box Best used for small heavy objects like books, records, cans, jars of food, utensils, flatware, shoes, etc. 17*13*13 $3.00
Medium Box Great all-purpose box 18*18*16 $5.00
Large Box All-purpose box, best used for light objects; if you pack heavy items in this box it will be difficult to move. 24*18*18 $5.50
Lamp Box For most standard-sized lamps 11*11*48 $7.00
Picture Box Perfect for poster size wall mounted art. Best used for packing, storing, shipping large picture frames, paintings, mirrors. 30*40 $4.00
China Box Best used for dishware, glasses, and fragile/breakable items 28*18*18 $7.00
Dish Box Extra strong heavy-duty kitchen box ideal for packing and protecting dishware, glasses, china and other breakables. 18*18*22 $7.00
Wardrobe Box Used for hanging clothes, drapes, breakables. 20*20*34 $16.00
TV Box Fits TVs’ up to 60 inches. 50*60 $40.00
Moving Tape Used to secure padding on the furniture and boxes. 1 roll $2.00
Shrink Wrap (roll) Plastic shrink wrap to wrap furniture to keep clean 18*1500 $20.00
Bubble Wrap The best protection for fragile items 0,5*48*250 $80.00
Packing Paper Bundle Used for wrapping very delicate items; also provides cushioning and fills in small spaces when packing fragile figurines and china 25 lbs. $40.00