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Best Movers Falls Church LLC has been in business since 2008 and continues to grow and expand in order to provide its customers with the best service possible. Best Movers is dedicated to providing top-quality moving services, storage and moving supplies. We offer moving solutions at competitive prices for local and long distance needs for both residential and commercial clientele. We take pride in our professionally trained crew and would love to be at your service.


Moving Crew

Our team of full-time moving professionals are the reason for our continued success. We hire and extensively train efficient, friendly, strong, careful, and experienced Best Movers movers.


You will be assigned a dedicated moving advisor and coordinator to make a move plan customized to your needs, answer questions, and guide you through every step of the relocation.


Our website offers Q&A, Company Policy, Moving Tips and Blog information sources to make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge for your move.


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Expert approach

We hire and extensively train efficient, friendly, strong, careful, and experienced staff at Best Movers.

Best Value

With us, you will get the best possible moving experience for the lowest possible price. Save with us and see the difference.

Awards Winning

Best Movers Falls Church LLC was rated one of the top 3 local moving companies in Falls Church, Virginia.

Free Consultation

You will be assigned a dedicated moving advisor and coordinator to guide you through every step of the relocation..

Guaranteed Works

Best Movers Falls Church uses protection kits to prevent damage to your furniture and home.

Customer Support

We are available for our customers so that you can feel protected and informed in any case.

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Commercial Moving

Countless businesses trust Best Movers Falls Church to provide commercial moving that is safe effective, and time-sensitive.


Residential Moving

Moving from one home to another marks a milestone in your life. It can be hectic, emotional, overwhelming and sometimes, just plain annoying.


Labor Only

From loading/unloading a rented truck to moving furniture around the house, trust Best Movers Falls Church to handle this service for you.


Ready To Move? Let Us Help You

Best Movers serves Northern VA, Falls Church, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Washington DC | #1 in Moving Companies out of the NOVA area

It’s not easy to trust strangers with your personal possessions, which is why people put a lot of time and effort in choosing the right movers. At Best Movers, we take this responsibility seriously and make sure all of the client’s possessions reach the destination on-time and without damage.

Types of Services By One of the Best Moving Companies Northern VA

We understand that different customers require different types of services, which is why we provide a wide range of options to choose from. Our services are flexible and can be customized according to client’s requirements. Here’s an introduction to different options:

  • Residential Moving – Our team will pack and move every item in your home carefully. We can handle everything from a small apartment or dorm room moves to single-family home moves.
  • Commercial Moving – Commercial clients want to reduce downtime and ensure all items reach the destination without delays. We carry out the move quickly and in a well-organized fashion to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Long Distance Moving – Long-distance moves, especially those that involve crossing state lines, require a lot of planning and good strategy. Our team has handled several similar projects over the years and will make sure all your possessions survive the trip.
  • Furniture and Valuables – Furniture and high-value items require special packing and transport techniques to ensure they’re not damaged in transit. Our team will make sure no item is misplaced or harmed during the process.

We can handle multiple moving services at the same time. For example, if you want to move your home and office to a new location, our team can help.

Packing Services By Reliable Moving Companies Fairfax VA

Packing is one of the most challenging aspects of the move, especially if there are a lot of items to pack. Many property owners handle this process without professional assistance, which can place their goods at risk. We offer extensive packing services at a reasonable cost. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

  • Packing Supplies – We will provide packing boxes, paper, tape, packing peanuts, and other supplies so clients don’t need to purchase or rent them from a third party. Our collection is diverse and suitable for all kinds of items from electronics to delicate dinnerware.
  • Packing Services – Professional packing services can help keep your possessions secure over long distances. We use proven techniques and good organization guidelines to keep your possessions safe while ensuring they don’t get misplaced.
  • Assembly and Disassembly – Our team can also disassemble and reassemble large items like beds, cabinets, bookshelves, etc., to make them easier to transport.

Our team takes special care with fragile and high-value items. We also provide packing-only services if required.

Additional Services By the Most Reliable Moving Companies Arlington VA

As a moving company that has been around for nearly a decade, we know clients sometimes need some specific additional services. We do our best to accommodate these requests and provide these services. You can discuss the requirements with our customer care team in detail. They will provide solutions that meet your needs and fit into your budget.One of our most in-demand supplementary services is overnight storage. Sometimes you need to move out of your current property before they have the keys to their new one. In such cases, we offer temporary storage solutions at an affordable cost. Our team will pack, pick-up, transport, store, and then deliver the items to the final destination according to your requirements.

We also offer labor-only services where our team loads and unloads items into a rented truck or moves heavy possessions around the property. This is a very flexible and budget-friendly service.

Customer Service By One of The Highest Rated Moving Companies Alexandria VA

Customer support is an essential aspect of a moving service. As a customer-oriented company, we strive to make sure every client has a good experience with us. A well-trained team of service agents will guide you through the scheduling and booking process to ensure the move doesn’t cause too much disruption.We provide detailed free quotes, customize moving plans based on your requirements, and make sure you always have accurate tracking information. Every client gets a dedicated moving advisor, who remains their primary point of contact throughout the moving process. This ensures clients have a smooth experience and they feel confident in interacting with our company.

The quality of service isn’t limited to our customer care team. On-site moving professionals are well-trained, helpful, and friendly. They’re full-time movers with ample experience and an eye for detail. They will double-check everything to ensure no item is damaged or misplaced.

Looking for Best Moving Companies Washington DC? We Can Help

Our company has been in this industry since 2008 so we have nearly a decade of experience in moving. We’re fully licensed and have ample insurance coverage and our client’s interests are always well-protected. Here are some reasons why you should hire us:

  • All employees are well-trained and can handle moves of different sizes with ease.
  • We offer same-day moving services if needed (depends on availability)
  • Our company is open 7-days a week so we can carry out weekend moves if needed.
  • All services, including long-distance moves, are competitively priced.
  • The moving supplies are of great quality and offer superior protection to the client’s
  • There are no hidden costs and we are always 100% honest with our clients.
  • We offer a free consultation to all our clients so they can make an informed decision regarding the move.

With us, you get reliable and affordable moving services. Our company has been rated as one of the top three moving services in the local area so you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our work.

If you want to know more about our moving services in the NOVA area, don’t hesitate to call Best Movers at (800) 962-3660 or contact us through our form. We’ll be happy to help you with the process.

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